PATIENT ZERO: The truth about CBD Oil and Big Pharma

Website – http://www.movidaoils.com
Email – al@movidaoils.com

Question Everything 2019 Talk – https://youtu.be/lKXjwcqhWsw

Al is the Founder/Owner at My Fit Life, a premiere Holistic Health & Wellness Company since 2001.

After going blind due to Glaucoma and getting his vision back with Cannabis Oils he Founded MOVIDA in 2016.

MOVIDA is a Holistic Wellness Brand Producing High Grade CBD & Superfoods for those that are looking to Achieve Vibrant Health Naturally, without the use of Pharmaceuticals or Harmful Medications.

Al has dedicated his life to spreading the good word about Alternative & Holistic Therapies and will continue to do so with the many therapeutic benefits of Cannabis.

Holistic Health Practitioner for 30+ years

Author of Better Living With Whole Foods
Currently sold on Amazon

Creator of the 21 Day Reset & the A.W.O.L ( a way of life) programs


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