Phytocannabinoids from hemp: delivery systems, usage, and mechanism in neuroinflammatory disorders.

Speaker: Christopher Shade, PhD
Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp is an incredibly promising anti-inflammatroy compound that is especially effective for neuroinflammatory disorders. Yet the material is very expensive and has rather low absorption (~10% bioavailability). Phospholipid-based deliveries (e.g., liposomes and nanoemulsions) can increase absorption of CBD substantially (4- to 6-fold increase), reduce inter-individual absorption differences, and greatly speed up onset of effect (10-20 minutes to onset). This talk will 1) review different ways to take CBD and what effects to expect from it; 2) look at pharmacokinteics of uptake with different deliveries versus phopholipid-based deliveries; and 3) explore the different biochemical mechanisms of its action.


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