Positive Energy Cleanse | Relaxing Spa Music | Música Para Dormir Profundamente

Beautiful relaxing music. This music can be used as morning music, sleep music, study music, yoga music and more.

😴Close your eyes, take a minimum of six slow deep breaths, and begin focusing on relaxing every inch of your body.

– Start by focusing on your toes and wiggle and relax your toes
– Relax your feet, rotate your ankles and relax your feet
– Work up to your calves, Relax your muscles
– Continue working your way up your body, one body part at a time

Within minutes as you work your way up to your head continue to take deep breaths. You will begin to feel relaxed as if you were floating. Your body and brain will be massaged into a deep sleep.

Sleep allows your Soul to travel out of your body back “home” to recharge, cleanse and bring back into your body pure cosmic life-force. As well as bringing more balance, clarity, and alignment to your coming day.

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★Frankincense Essential Oil
Known as the ‘Mother’ of all essential oils, Frankincense is considered sacred in the Middle East. It is best known for improving one’s mood and relieving stress. Exceptionally good for the respiratory, nervous, and immune systems. Widely used in skin-care treatments. Manufactured in the United States – 100% Pure Premium Grade Boswellia Frereana Birdwood from Oman.…

★Lemon Zest Essential Oil
Traditionally used for its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and cleansing qualities, Lemon essential oil is great for diffusing in the home and for its clean, universally pleasing aroma. Use with filtered water as a disinfectant spray and hand wash. Inhale between palms or diffuse to stimulate concentration.
Manufactured in the United States. 100% Pure Premium Grade, steam distilled from Brazil.…

★Uplifting Essential Oil
May benefit hormonal swings and emotional distresses with essential oils of clary sage, bergamot, ylang-ylang, sweet orange, and frankincense.…


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