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How to make CBD shots, is our first in video for the talked about CBD oil restrictions in the UK and EU. There has been a whole lot of talk about novel food status, so we wanted to suggest a simple work around if you need your oil with CBD in.

Say hello to CBD shots. Yes, that’s right, while CBD oil may be restricted, the sale of CBD in it’s raw form for research purposes isn’t. Nor is the sale of food grade oils, such as MCT, coconut, olive oil, hemp seed oil etc. This means its perfectly possible to buy and sell small tinctures bottles of oil with these products in, and sell a CBD shot raw form on the side. The user can then choose to do what they like with it…. ‘POUR IT IN THE EFFING BOTTLE!!’

With this talk of is CBD banned, and ‘Can I get CBD oil’, or is CBD legal, it does make a mockery of any silly rules and regulations that are so easily worked around. Anyway, here is our simple solution to keep being able to buy and or sell CBD oil in the UK, if you want to.

If you are being asked if CBD is legal, or is CBD being banned, here’s a short video on how you can work around the CBD rules if they come into being.

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