Preview of COLOR! Disposable cannabis vape pen

Our mission is to provide premier CBD oil hardware devices and oil filling & customization solutions for the global market.
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Why Deepunion:
1. Global R&D Capability
Our 4 self-owned international R&D hubs are based in UK, US and Canada and Shenzhen China. They enable us to adopt the newest trend and leading technology into our competitive products.

2. Leading XCOR Ceramic Heating System (CHS)
With precise temperature control technology and food-grade & heavy-metal-free material, our XCOR ceramic heating system delivers an incredibly easy and smooth vaping experience.

3. One-stop Tailor Made Service
Our committed teams deliver the result you want no matter what your needs are. Customization is truly in our DNA.

4. 4 S management:
Strong price control;
Stable product supply;
Strict product quality control;
Sales and marketing support.

Contat us: marketing@superxcor.com


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