PTS G6 Sugar Wax review with J Crispyy

Yo wuddup Crispyy Gang. Reviewed some G6 Sugar wax from @PTS_pure. I enjoyed this especially early mornings. A Racey couch lock feel. This helped me alot with getting that go getter mentality. Perfect strain to start your day. Highly recommend in flower or concentrated form. Hope you all are staying safe and enjoying the reviews. Love you Cannafam!

Cultivator: PTS_pure
Strain: G6 Sugaf Wax
Total Cannabinoids : 85.44%
Form of concentrate: Sugar Wax

Rig: NUE Glass

I am a medical cannabis patient. I do not promote or condone the illegal use or sales of medical cannabis or cannabis products. I do reviews on all things cannabis including my own personal medical cannabis journey. As well as the effects it has on me. Hope you all enjoy!! Love you all thanks for the support!! Like share and subscribe!!

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