QUIT Smoking WEED: 3 Things You Must Do (IMMEDIATELY)

Should You Quit Weed Cold Turkey Or Cut Down Gradually? Find out the necessary steps to quit your marijuana addiction. To quit smoking weed, you may have to fight through weed withdrawal symptoms.

QUIT Smoking WEED: 3 Things You Must Do (IMMEDIATELY)


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In this video, you’ll learn the 3 Things You Must Do To Quit Smoking Weed.

Rule 1. You need to break away from your environment, that’s one of the biggest fights. It’s advised to take a temporary step away from your current friends. But breaking away from your environment means more than that, what are your triggers? You have to break away from the things that in your environment taht trigger you.

Rule 2. You need proper sleep. It’s a complete b*tch to sleep when you’re trying to quit weed. Your brain doesn’t produce the necessary chemicals to put you to sleep. Possibly take melatonin supplements temporarily.

Rule 3. NUTRITION. You must eat, but it’s not fun and all food tastes like sh*t, your body will hate eating and will refuse food. (feeling like throwing up)

You need the calories and PROPER nutriends to stay focused, you can’t fight your hardest battle without being well prepared, so nutrition is extremely important. You must eat, if eating is too difficult, you can resort to drinking your meals.

If you try to quit weed, these 3 rules will help you so much.

First off, two words don’t go together “marijuana dangerous”. It’s not likely to lead to violent behavior, it has no organ toxicity, it can’t cause on overdose. However, you can still have a marijuana problem. Marijuana addiction is a very real thing and quitting after frequent prolonged use can cause a marijuana withdrawal. The weed withdrawal’s intensity varies based on the individual, some get nothing at all while others can’t sleep or eat. When searching if marijuana’s addictive there’s a lot of the people who don’t suffer the addiction spreading blanket statements “it wasn’t addictive for me so it isn’t for everyone.” This is not true. It was very difficult for some people to quit smoking marijuana, if you’re struggling I hope this video lets you know you’re not alone. You can quit smoking weed by taking it one day at a time.

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