Review Bayer Contour Next Blood Glucose Test Strips, 200 Count

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Contour Next test strips along with Contour Next EZ meter are the most accurate meter you can buy. I have tested various meters. I have tested these meters using a very large number of strips and averaged the results for different times to the day.
All of the meters have about the same long term average. However, the contour Next EZ meter and strips have the best repeatability (change for the same blood drop).
The values are usually within 1 or 2. Also the individual EZ reading had a much lower deviation from the long term average than the other meters. This company always provides strips that have dates at least a year away.
Second time buying these in bulk. Best value, fast shipping. If you are buying these, well, you know what to expect.
Good quality and reasonable prices my great grandmother in law have diabetes so I have to send some of these every couple of months, she live in a third world country and these things can’t be found up there.
These are the most accurate strips I’ve found. Cheaper than pharmacy. Wish the prices were lower at times. You don’t have to put in a code and they last a long time
Great, name-brand strips for my Contour Next at about 25-30% the price of local pharmacies. I have been using this source for at least 2 years. No bad experiences yet.
I have used the original Contour for years, but the strips started getting pricey, as more people have the Next. The machine is cheap, so I switched. Gets the job done.
Not any choice when buying test strips, so it comes down to bang for the buck. The savings to buy 4 vs 1 or 2 is negligible but it saves me time reordering.
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https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0117ZMZCM?tag=rasheed09-20 – Bayer Contour Next Blood Glucose Test Strips, 200 Count

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