S2.E10. Managing Cash. Electronic Checking for Cannabis. CBD for Pets. Traveling with Cannabis.

Rick Lindsay, CEO 9 Square Consulting / 7 Point Financial, weighs in on a special report with Dan Perkins… Banking for Cannabis
Managing Cash
The colossal problem of managing a business in a cash-only industry has been a colossal problem brings unique challenges.
Electronic Checking for Cannabis
Now there is a solution for the cannabis industry – which is restricted from normal banking privileges due to federal prohibition.

CBD for Pets
Bruce Linton is the Executive Chairman of Vireo Health, a physician-founded, patient-focused company that provides cannabis-based products and care. He joins the conversation to discuss CBD for pets.

Traveling with Cannabis
Larry Mishkin is Counsel to the Hoban Law Group, and he also has a private practice. Traveling with cannabis is a legal matter.

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