Sacred Buddha Cannabis Medicine — Pt 2.

The Manna King: Manna Doctor — Pt 2.
“Honoring 5,000 years of traditional cannabis plant medicine recipes for internal use.” Dosthora does not promote smoking cannabis or the illegal trafficking of cannabis like present day western cultures. Sri Lanka has a long history using cannabis plant medicines unlike the west that forgot their ‘Manna’ recipes.
… In the 70’s, with the Scientist discovering our human Endocannabiniod network system and the beginnings how it works was a great advancement for understanding our relationship with the cannabis plant chemistry … meaning that the cannabinoids … are the real medicine of the plant that fit our internal network system like a fine fitting glove. New science shows it’s not all about the THC being present for medicine, but the cannabinoid receptors parts of the plant being present that help circulate and connect with all parts of our body, brain and mind … What western science are only now just discovering in the cannabinoids of the plant, Sri lanka discovered 5,000 yrs ago and had 1,000s’ of cannabinoid medical recipes already written down for society. Sri lanka holds the ancient roots to understanding how the cannabis plant is to be used and made into daily herbal recipes for happiness, productivity and for the many different medical reasons to aid humanity … I have on record an official medical lab test taken of 2 cannabis medical recipe samples…. when tested, there results showed a total absent for any THC being present. With no THC being present, this makes these Cannabis recipes legal ‘food grade’ medical products for anyone to use, and even when given the right doses, a child or elder can use as well. A You Bowan ….
Sacred we are 1.


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