Sensitive testimony with Hemp CBD

Emotional Moment 😰 with CBD Oil & my son!

Disclaimer: Very RAW video of me being transparent and telling you my experience! I left out some other details but due to my excitement and emotional state I believe you can see what I’m trying to convey to the world and most importantly, YOU!

Update (11-18-17) I have gotten so many messages about what I give my son.

We use Hemporx🌱 500mg Natural Flavor 5 drops under the tongue once a day hold for 60 seconds (each person is different you will need to find what works for you) officialhempworxcbd.com

You may put in a beverage of your choice, and mix in warm, cold foods!

We have used other brands but have found more success with Hempworx and here’s why.

They are organic, non gmo, full spectrum of CBD, have low to little THC (0.03%), C02 extraction, FDA certified manufacturing, best quality and quantity for our dollar ($69 for 50 day supply).

Plus it’s Risk Free because it’s 30 day money back guarantee.

If your interested in ordering:

They also have a buisness side of it: Officialhempbiz.com

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