shrink sleeve applicator manufacturers for 30ml CBD oil bottle|neck band heat tunnel

shrink sleeve applicator manufacturers for 30ml CBD oil bottle|neck band heat tunnel

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Introduction of sleeve labeling machine:
This sleeve labeling system can be equipped with steam shrinkage and electric heating shrinkage. It can be set according to different product packaging requirements and site dry humidity requirements. The normal water beverage industry uses steam shrinkage, the shrink label applicator is more smooth and beautiful, and the requirements on the label material, color and shrinkage rate are low. Electric heating shrinkage is suitable for products that need to be kept dry, such as glass bottles, metal products, powders, and biscuits, but has higher label requirements, requiring lighter label colors, higher shrinkage, and better materials.

Features of sleeving labeling machinery:
1. Can be fully connected with the production line or stand-alone
2. With a safety shield, the appearance is more elegant and safe
3. Adjustable feeding high-speed electric eye, accurately lock the label
4. The standardization of the center mold can quickly replace different products
5. Synchronous bottle divider design, bottle transportation is not easy to shake
6. Original adjustable cutter disc, the cutting mark is smoother, greatly reducing the imagination of defects, it is easier to replace the blade
7. Change specifications without tool disassembly, fast, convenient and simple adjustment
8. Advanced control system, color touch screen design, more in line with humanity
9. High-standard electrical configuration, seamless feeding with cutting knife, label feeding is soft and smooth
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