TDW Show feat: Danielle Borzor, MS, PA-C tells us to stop dieting!

Danielle Borzor, Founder and CEO of JūLivWell Nutrition and Wellness Coaching!

Danielle Borzor, is a certified Physician Assistant (PA) for over 22 years. She graduated from the inaugural PA class of Beaver College, now Arcadia University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Danielle has years of experience working with patients in various clinical settings such as family practice, interventional radiology, emergency/trauma medicine and currently works as a pediatric PA. Danielle draws upon her thousands of interactions with patients over the last 22 years to coach her nutrition and CBD clients. As a certified nutrition and CBD expert, Danielle guides her clients to feeling better through habit-based coaching. Her goal is to help her clients live their best life, by living well daily.



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