The 4-Minute Rule for How to control diabetes, 10 simple ways to manage the

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However if you have diabetes, you need to understand how foods affect your blood sugar levels. It’s not just the type of food you consume but also just how much you eat and the mixes of food types you consume. What to do: A key to numerous diabetes management strategies is finding out how to count carbohydrates.

And for individuals taking mealtime insulin, it’s vital to understand the amount of carbohydrates in your food, so you get the correct insulin dose. Discover what portion size is suitable for each kind of food. Simplify your meal planning by documenting portions for the foods you consume typically. Usage measuring cups or a scale to ensure correct portion size and an accurate carbohydrate count.

It’s specifically essential to take notice of the kinds of carbs you choose. Some carbs, such as fruits, vegetables and entire grains, are much better for you than are others. These foods are low in carbohydrates and consist of fiber that assists keep your blood sugar level levels more steady. Speak to your physician, nurse or dietitian about the best food options and the suitable balance of food types.

Too much food may trigger your blood sugar level level to climb up too high (hyperglycemia). Talk with your diabetes health care team about how to best coordinate meal and medication schedules. Sugar-sweetened drinks consisting of those sweetened with high fructose corn syrup or sucrose tend to be high in calories and offer little in the method of nutrition.

The exception is if you are experiencing a low blood glucose level. Sugar-sweetened drinks, such as soda, juice and sports drinks, can be utilized as an efficient treatment for rapidly raising blood glucose that is too low. Physical activity is another crucial part of your diabetes management plan. When you exercise, your muscles use sugar (glucose) for energy.


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