The CBD Oil I Trust with My Name

Finding the right CBD can be hard and confusing. I have vetted a lot of companies and found one that is grown in an organic manner, naturally extracted and sourced to only one company.

To learn more about the KBMD CBD oil that I recommend to my patients, please visit https://kbmdhealth.com/shop/

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Video transcript:
Hi everyone I want to shoot a quick video to explain why I’m going to put my name on this particular hemp derived CBD oil super honored and excited that I found a company that has an all organic
hemp farm and they naturally extract using co2 and what that means is there’s a lot of companies out there that will use chemicals to extract the CBD in addition to that they only source to one company.

Many other CBD companies will source from a lot of different places and each batch can be slightly different in fact they have certificate of analysis that has been third-party tested to show exactly what you’re taking is what is in the bottle that’s
why I’m on it my patients are on it my family is on it my staff is on it and I hope this will help you as well


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