The Daniel Plan Church Campaign by Rick Warren, Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman.

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The Daniel Plan Church Campaign by Rick Warren, Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman.

God designed our bodies to be healthy, providing everything we need to thrive and live abundantly. With assistance from medical and fitness experts, Pastor Rick Warren and thousands of people from his congregation at Saddleback Church started on a journey to transform their own lives. It’s called The Daniel Plan and it is centered on five Bible-based essentials: faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends.

Now you can take your congregation on a similar journey with The Daniel Plan Church Campaign Kit, a six-week preaching series and small group study that teaches simple ways to incorporate healthy choices into anyone’s current lifestyle.

The Daniel Plan is a great way to encourage everyone in your church to get healthy, explore biblical principles for health, and unite your congregation around a single purpose. Together, your congregation will become equipped to serve and outreach to your extended community.

This Kit includes all of the materials needed for a six-week church campaign:
• The Daniel Plan
• The Daniel Plan Study Guide
• The Daniel Plan DVD-ROM
• Starter Guide

The small group DVD includes six 25-30 minute teaching sessions from Rick Warren with Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Mark Hyman, weekly tips from fitness experts, food demos from Daniel Plan Signature Chefs, as well as sermon materials and campaign promotional resources. The study guide includes a Bible study, video discussion questions and notes, practical food and fitness tips to keep you on track each week, and much more.

Session titles include
· Faith: Nurturing Your Soul
· Food: Enjoying God’s Abundance
· Fitness: Strengthening Your Body
· Focus: Renewing Your Mind
· Friends: Encouraging Each Other
· Living the Lifestyle

Pastor Rick Warren founded Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., in 1980 with one family. Today, it is an evangelical congregation averaging 25,000 weekly attendees.

Dr. Mark Hyman has dedicated his career to identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness through a groundbreaking, whole-systems approach known as functional medicine.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a physician, double board certified psychiatrist, teacher, and eight time New York Times bestselling author.


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