The Hemp Solution – Chapter 2 – Hemp Paper

Chapter 2 Hemp Paper explores the history and modern environmental advantages of using cannabis hemp as a source for paper making.

The full 10 chapter feature length documentary explores all the issues surrounding cannabis hemp – its fascinating history, it’s thousands of uses, the economic and cultural forces behind its prohibition, the healing benefits of cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and how humanity can benefit from a new harmonious relationship with this amazing plant. Filmmaker Sol Ramana-Clarke takes viewers on a stunning visual journey from hemp’s origins in the Himalayas where it is still being used for food, fibre and medicine, to Europe, the USA and Australia where industrial hemp is being rediscovered, and new research is finding many uses for cannabis medicine including fighting cancer, pain relief, reducing inflamation and much more. Also examined is the controversy around marijuana, the war on drugs and alternative policy options taking root around the world. Top experts interviewed include: Dr Andrew Weil, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Dr. Andrew Katelaris, and Terence McKenna. This 92 minute Australian production is the second update of the award winning film “The Hemp Revolution” – first released theatrically in 1995 to 100 cities worldwide.


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