The Mike Drop! An Update on Compassion Packages & The Millions Mg Giveaway


This is the audio of a live video posted by Mike Robinson, Founder, Global Cannabinoid Research Center with some important information and updates on the compassion program, and packages Mike has recently mailed out. If you or someone you love is in need of cannabinoid medicine, please go to:!

” I’d do a live video because a lot of people are getting all of these different things in the mail, you know, these different compassion packages and some of you are wondering, Hey, what did I get from you, Mike?”

Mike explains the items contained within the packages and gives detailed explanations on how to apply, for topicals, dosage for those receiving oils and elaborates on the cannabinoids contained within each product. He also discusses nanotechnology, which was used in some of these formulations and talks about new products he’s developing as well.

He tips his had to Dennis Peron, Founding Father of Proposition 215, allowing for the medical use of marijuana for the first time since prohibition! From a blog on

“With the loss of so many close to him, Peron was distraught and desirous of providing compassionate use of cannabis to all that were in need. So in 1991, Peron organized efforts and gained the passage of the famed yet little known about San Francisco’s Proposition P, a resolution calling on the state government to permit medical cannabis, which received 79% of the vote. That same year, he co-founded the San Francisco Buyers Club, the first public dispensary of legal cannabis, per the local resolution, since Prohibition. His story is endless, but the two of these legends had previous encounters before the gathering of compassionate minds that wrote the one page ‘Compassionate Use Act’ of 1996. Back In 1993, Peron and Brownie Mary published a cookbook with recipes for cannabis edibles.

The Union of Peron and Brownie Mary (and the 215 Team)

All of this had a fire burning within Peron, he and Rathburn had history along with a dozen that were assembled to draft and gain the signatures to put the well known 1996 Proposition 215 on the ballot – but most had doubts a law allowing people t smoke and use cannabis would pass. – but it did. This allowed for the medicinal use of cannabis for the first time since prohibition and started what we all know as the industry of today. Many would debate other actions in other states helped – and that wouldn’t be out of the ballpark. But, without out a doubt the fire under Peron and company has changed the world. Many are unaware that then attorney general of California Dan Lungren ordered a raid of Peron’s Dispensary the night before the law passed which closed down the Buyers Club – but not for long as once 215 passed it reopened where Peron and company helped out crowds of his friends which eventually created a network of compassion.”

So if you’ve received a compassion package or are interested in receiving one, please give this podcast a listen!

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