The Truth About Paula Deen's Husband Finally Revealed

Paula Deen is one of the most famous television chefs in history. She married her husband, Michael Groover, in 2004, but most fans don’t know a lot about the man. Here’s the truth about Paula Deen’s husband, finally revealed.

Before he retired, Groover worked as a tugboat captain in Savannah, Georgia, making him and Deen a bit of an odd couple. She worked for years in the public eye and loves attention, while he had a profession that requires solitude and communicating with others only through a radio. In spite of the different paths they were on in life, the way they came together was something like serendipity.

The two were neighbors when Deen’s beloved canine companions got loose from the yard, where they led Deen to Groover’s house. The two got to talking, and Deen left with her dogs and a date with Groover for the next day. They went out on her new boat together and they made a true connection. Many, many more dates followed, and the two got married just a couple years later at Bethesda Academy in Savannah.

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Meeting the captain | 0:15
A younger man | 1:08
Big weight loss | 1:37
Ernest Hemingway lookalike contest | 2:21
Brutal honesty | 3:02
His coffee business | 4:06
Affair and divorce rumors | 4:39

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