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Monday April 27 2020

In today’s report
#Polandhemp sets legal limit for hemp to 1% thc vs the EU and USA’s problematic 0.3% for allowable thc , Colorado university #cannabiscancer study looks for a cure for a rare form of cancer, Santa Clara prepares the #expungement of 11,000 cannabis convictions

Agriculture ministry in Poland calls for Standard of 1.0% THC in hemp

The move seeks to solve the problem with Herb being considered hot because more than .2 or .3% THC which is a ridiculously low number and Not particularly useful

Hemp plants with higher levels of THC generally contain higher levels of CBD. Nations observing the 1.0% standard therefore have a market advantage in that sector over those where the limits are lower.

The EIHA’s campaign to reclaim the 0.3% THC barrier would re-set the clock to the 1990s. Before 1999, European stakeholders had operated at that benchmark, but EU officials, ignoring facts and science, cut the limit to 0.2% under influence of powerful French hemp interests; their successful lobbying efforts essentially gave French fiber-hemp varieties, which had been bred for extremely low THC, a monopolistic advantage in the cultivation seed market.

The Ministry noted that current restrictive THC levels inhibit hemp agriculture in Poland in part by discouraging the planting of Polish hemp varieties, many of which have great potential in fiber but also carry traces of THC above 0.2% or 0.3%. When Polish crops come in above 0.2% THC, they must be destroyed under current rul


Agriculture ministry in Poland calls for Standard of 1.0% THC in hemp

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Agriculture ministry in Poland calls for 1.0% THC in hemp

University of Colorado has done some research which might lead to a cancer cure found in cannabis… using cells from dogs and humans against a rare form of cancer that has a very low success rate is very exciting what they’re seeing where is this the beginning of a long research project which will probably take close to 15 years to complete

More than 11,500 convictions for cannabis offenses are set to be expunged or reduced in Santa Clara County, California this week as part of a continuing effort to clear criminal records of actions that are no longer a violation of state law.

California County Set To Expunge 11,500 Cannabis Convictions

Presiding Judge Deborah A. Ryan in a prepared statement. ” We hope this process will provide a sense of closure to those individuals.”

“Having a clear record also will assist those seeking employment, an issue that is especially important as businesses begin the process of reopening,” she added.

Santa Clara County Superior Court To Wipe Out Thousands Of Marijuana Convictions


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