The Worst Dogs In Any Game! – Inside 1

Let’s face it – dogs are a dime-a-dozen in video games. However, their temperament runs the gamut of personality from Lassie all the way down to Cujo. Sometimes, they’re a helpful pooch (such as Boomer from Farcry 5, or Dogmeat from Fallout ‘Whichever Number You’d Like To Put Here’), sometimes they’re a docile NPC (that NNRCMiller likes to delightfully gun down for no particular reason), and other times they are spawned from the deepest parts of Hell with their sole purpose being to make your life a virtual nightmare.

The dogs from Playdead’s ‘Inside’ are the latter, without a doubt, no questions asked. In this puzzle game, the slightest misstep or hesitation will lead to a grisly demise to snapping jaws and gnashing teeth. And, being a PUZZLE game, the odds of you successfully navigating an obstacle the first time is rather low, so be prepared to watch these wild beasts feed upon your intestines over and over and OVER again…


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