"Topical Options" – Salves and Patches, Oh My!

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CBD topicals are a great choice for everyone looking to try CBD – from beginners to those familiar with CBD and its benefits. At Green Wellness Life, we’re happy to offer CBD topicals in a variety of options, ingredients, and price points.

Topicals include lotions, balms, salves, sprays and oils that have been infused with cannabis. When applied directly to the skin, cannabis topicals can provide localized relief of pain, soreness, and inflammation. They can also be used as skincare, and may even be put into cosmetics.

You can buy CBD Topicals here – https://www.greenwellnesslife.com/product-category/cbd-hemp-topicals/

Video Transcript:
Hi it’s Brandy with Green Wellness Life, wanted to talk with you a little bit today about topicals.

Topicals are one of the seven categories that we have on the website and this is the one that you put on your skin, anything that’s applied through your skin would fall into our topical category most of those are going to be for people but we’ve got one for pets too just for funnies.

So what are the different options that we’ve got out there for topicals well we have everything from skin serums like our plus CBD, or our brand-new Papa & Berkeley facial option, we have patches, and we’ve got lotions Salve sticks Rollon just about anything that you could think of why would you use a topical well it’s going to get to work faster than anything that you are digesting but it’s not going to last as long. Topicals are generally getting into that first tissue level we refer to them as a tissue deep there are sometimes exceptions for patches those are a smaller molecule and can get in a little bit deeper but generally anything muscle and joint level should see a benefit from a patch you may be aware that there are different types of processing for CBD, some has THC some does not.

If you’re talking about a topical and it’s a lotion or a SAP can’t get into your bloodstream so that’s not so much of a concern if it’s a full spectrum, you got a little bit of THC you may see an improvement and increase in pain relief without it ever getting into your bloodstream and we’ve got all different choices here we’ve got a thin more traditional lotion, and we have lots of waxy thick balms those balms are going to take a little bit more work to rub in but they’re going to last a little bit longer for you.

So balms do tend to be a favorite around here something that you need to consider when you’re looking at a topical is the strength and often times we think oh I want a bigger bottle it doesn’t necessarily make it the strongest so this little guy is one of our entourage muscle and joints house this one’s really good actually but this is 150 milligrams in just half an ounce so this is actually stronger than this guy because this one’s got six so even though there’s 1200 milligrams to total it’s got six ounces of lotion so it’s not gonna be quite as concentrated as this little guy then we’ve got this one and these are actually the same concentration this is our Lazarus balm versus our entourage the Lazarus is a much larger container so it does look like it can tend to be a little bit of a better deal but you need to focus on that concentration or that strength of milligrams per ounce that’s what you want to look at when you’re focusing on how strong and how well a topical will work for you. we have got things to meet every budget that entourage option that I showed you is less than $20 so we’ve got things to meet every budget as well as all different kinds of strengths I mentioned that we do have a passive which is awesome that one’s from CW Hemp have I think it’s over there right but I’ve got that as a dog balms option for cracked bones pumps cracked pads and such but it is important to note that as long as you’re sticking with the topical that’s really limited ingredient you can use the same product on people and pets the Endoca line is a great example in that they don’t put anything extra no added essential oils, scents, fragrances blah blah blah so that would be safe for your pets as well as for us humans.

I think that that about covers it we’re always here to answer any questions that you’ve got about topicals so just reach out 1-888-772-7875 or by email support@greenwellnesslife.com you can also reach out by social media we have found personally the topicals are a great fit for us so we hope that you’ll find one that meets your needs as well thanks so much.

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