Treating Pets With CBD – The NOWe Show FT Danielle Loughton

Today’s episode is with veterinary technician Danielle Loughton, the founder of Turning Leaf Consultations! Danielle teaches us about the effect CBD has on our pets. Learn about-
*What pets respond to CBD*
*How to give pets CBD*
*The health benefits of CBD*

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Danielle Loughton has been a registered veterinary technician for over 22 years and became the US’s first certified veterinary cannabis counselor last October. She is also a contributing author in the very first text book on veterinary cannabis therapy.  After having amazing results in her own health using CBD oil, she realized what the power of cannabis could do in the veterinary market where there are few options for therapeutic therapy for pets that didn’t have the side effects of traditional therapy.  When she received her certification, she launched her consultation firm called Turning Leaf Consultations to help pet parents who want to try cannabis therapy for their pets by providing a thorough review of medical records and lab work to make sure there aren’t any contraindications for therapy, discuss cannabis therapy goals with the owners and provide “harm reduction” education that teaches pet parents what to look for in a quality product, etc and the provides a written cannabis plan specific to the needs of the pet.


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