TSC Talks! MMJ Mystery Minimized with Marijuana Mommy MMJ -Truth from a Cannabis Nurse; Jessie Gill


Jessie Gill, AKA “Marijuana Mommy” is a Mom, Cannabis Advocate and R.N with a background in holistic health and hospice. She shares the story of her path leading to cannabis advocacy after a spinal injury left her at a personal rock bottom. Jessie loved her career as a hospice nurse, inspired been inspired to enter the field of nursing by her mother, also a nurse. After having unsuccessful spinal fusion surgery, taking multiple heavy-duty pharmaceuticals, she reluctantly became a medical marijuana patient.

To her surprise, cannabinoid medicine provided great relief and further motivated her to combine her education and experience as a nurse with cannabis advocacy and launch Marijuana Mommy. Her site, teaches new patients how and why to use cannabis, while challenging the stigma against marijuana use. She’s had great success and is an established expert in the cannabis industry. Due to a high volume of requests for one on one support, she’s rolling out a new course in a few weeks designed to walk individuals through all the details they need to know to get started safely using medical marijuana.

We discuss her process of working with clients, her writing and web platform, her thoughts on the CBD market and she makes several recommendations on brands and safety-related to CBD. Overcoming the fear and stigma surrounding mmj use is decreasing and collaborating with medical professionals who are knowledgeable about cannabinoid medicine and willing to work with their patients can often be a challenge. Her process is to review all the medications that the patients are on, talk about potential interactions and things to watch for, and we have to work with physicians to manage medication adjustments. “That’s a big piece of what I’m pushing is to get people to be aware of that and and not let that stop them”

Cannabinoid medicine is a viable option for many and there are ways to do it. Jessie encourages people to keep asking questions and push past your fears and doubts. She sees Cannabinoid medicine offering a far more individualized treatment which can be adjusted incrementally based on each person’s unique presentation and provide. “I think the whole pharmaceutical industry is focused on having a pill that is mass-produced and everyone is different.” We wrap our discussion with her sharing some insight on CBD. “You know, CBD is so important. The majority of my patients take more CBD than THC. I take a lot of CBD. But again, it’s individualized, just like THC. Just like all of the cannabinoids are, you know, some people respond better to one thing than other things and it’s a matter of trial and error. But I think the really the most important part is to get high-quality products and not get junk.”

Thanks Jessie for sharing your insight and wisdom gleaned much lived and learned experience with TSC Talks!

Jessie’s expertise has been been featured and cited in a variety of publications like Forbes, High Times, and Centennial Press. My work has also appeared in a variety of publications like Good Housekeeping and VICE. I’ve also been highlighted on Viceland and in a variety of news features and documentaries.

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Twitter: @Marijuana_Mommy


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