TSC Talks! Sherri Tutkus, RN, BSN~Our ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM Affects All the Systems in the Body

Sherri Tutkus, RN, BSN, Founder & CEO of Green Nurse Group and Medical Director of Irie Bliss Wellness gives it to us straight in this episode of TSC Talks as she discusses her own experience with complete health breakdown. After trying multiple modalities of treatment that were noneffective, this traditional medicine nurse turned to cannabis. This is her story.

“I was utilizing all of the other tools that existed. The traditional system, the holistic system, the functional integrative system, you know, the acupuncture, chiropractor, essential oils, homeopathy, you name it, and none of it worked. Why? Because my endocannabinoid system was completely 100% deficient. I was not making enough of my own internal endogenous cannabinoids to keep my system regulated including my brain. So as we know, you know we’ve had this discussion before, is cannabinoids are adaptogens. Right? It works on our mind, our body, and our spirit all at the same time. You know when I teach about my little umbrella, you know the endocannabinoid system is the endocannabinoid system. It’s at the tippy top of the umbrella, and blankets on top of our umbrella. All the spokes on the umbrella are different organ systems. The fabric of the umbrella or the neurotransmitter signaling systems and the endocannabinoid system is a system on top that regulates everything. So if we’re not making enough of our own internal endogenous cannabinoids, then we get a dysregulated system and it affects all of our systems in our body, not just one.”


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