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Riversol – https://www.riversol.com/?ref=18
Bend Beauty | Anti-Aging Skincare – https://www.bendbeauty.com
Right Rice – https://www.rightrice.com
Natural Stacks – https://www.naturalstacks.com

Video Description:
There’re a number of daily routines that can always be improved; your skincare, eating routines, and even how you work out your brain! In today’s video,​ I am proud to introduce you to four product lines that I have recently added to my routine. Big thank you to Bend Beauty Skincare, Riversol Skincare, RightRice, and Nootropics for sending their outstanding products my way!
Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in your body? Supplements have become huge in the skincare industry because of their extensive skin benefits that promote hydration, flexibility and firmness. Bend Beauty Skincare provides you each of these crucial treatments wrapped up in a deliciously flavoured powder that’s yours to mix into your diet however you choose! I mix mine in my mushroom blend coffee, how about you?
Anti-aging serum by Bend Beauty Skincare comes in two tasty designs: minty tablets, and grapefruit/tangerine serum. And honestly, they smell as incredible as they taste!
Riversol Skincare provides us with all their high-quality essentials: sunscreen, exfoliating peel, anti-aging serum, moisturizer, and eye repair treatment. The quality is evident in these products’ presentation, and their performance is something else on top of it.
Now, as much as food reviews are notably out-of-character for me, RightRice is deserving of any and all recognition. These outstanding low-carb rice packs come in four flavours. My favourite so far is easily garlic herb! It’s pretty rare to find something so delicious that you don’t need to feel guilty about eating so much, but RightRice is definitely one.
Lastly, Nootropics brain food is something quite unique. Described as a “workout for your brain”, these adorably-packaged supplements come in six different sets. Each bottle promoting a different support! Mental Drive, Mental Clarity, Positive Mood, Calm & Relaxation, Cognition & Brain Health, and Mental Performance each use natural hormones to stimulate your brain in any specific way!
Stay tuned to see how these improve my daily routines!

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