Why Am I Gaining Weight In Quarantine? The Real Reason Has Nothing To Do With Food / Wellness Check

Are you wondering why you’ve been gaining weight in quarantine? The true reason has nothing to do with what we are eating and drinking. The stress hormone CORTISOL is making our bodies go crazy in quarantine. The stress of the Covid – 19 pandemic is making our cortisol levels rise drastically!

So what can you do!?

– Watch my video: How To Give Yourself Grace During A Global Pandemic

– Cut Back on processed foods, sugar and caffeine

– Try to eat more whole fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, fish and other brain healthy foods

– Try natural supplements like CBD or Ashwagandha

– Sleep! Try to create a consistent sleep schedule

– Start a yoga or meditation practice

– Get some cardio by going out for a walk and enjoying the sun

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