Wildlife Photography 7km Out From Darwin City

In Darwin City taking wildlife photos doesn’t mean that you have to travel long distances to get amazing nature images.
Just 7km from the city centre East Point Reserve is an awesome location that has loads of wildlife to photograph.
I spent four hours walking around the Monsoon Forest Trails and saw Lizards, Snakes, Wallabies, multiple bird species, insects(perfect with a macro) and one massively impressive Rufous Owl.
Heading out on road trips for photography is something I truly enjoy but having access to a place that’s so close to the city and has loads of opportunity to capture incredible photos of a wide range of animals is the absolute best.
So if you don’t have access to a 4×4 or even a vehicle just get on ya bike with a camera in your backpack and I guarantee with the correct lenses you’ll be able to capture some awesome wildlife photography out at #EastPointReserve.

There wasn’t a huge amount of storm action this past wet season but I’m seriously stoked with some of the shots I managed to get.
We’re currently building the MKH VisualAspect website where you’ll be able to purchase any of these prints as well as merchandise and much more. Contacting us to either book in a shoot or simply ask a question will become that much easier.
@mkhvisualaspect will finally have a home and products to purchase. 😁⚡📸 The website should be up and running within the next 4 months and new film projects are already in the planning process.

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